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This webpage contains only Coronavirus related information.  The top item is fixed in this position, so please scroll down for new information.

Information booklet - How to stay active and healthy at home June 2020

Public Health England and Sports England have produced this booklet to support older people and those who are shielded to be active and healthy at home.


North Somerset Council is expanding rapid community testing for people not showing any symptoms of Covid 19 - January 2021

For further information please click on this link


Covid 19 vacination transport assistance - December 2020

Please see this notification from the Nailsea and District Community Transport team:

Now that the Covid-19 vaccination programme has commenced there are many people that can get to the vaccination centres by themselves but for those that can't we are able to provide a door to door service for them.  We are currently providing transport for the Tynesfield Medical Centre group and last week also provided transport to a nursing home in Clevedon.

If you know of a residential home that is struggling with transport or individuals that need transport please contact the NDCT office on 01275 855552 and we will be only too pleased to help.


North Somerset Council Coronavirus Update - November 2020

Please read this useful update from North Somerset Council.  It explains that the North Somerset virus rates are higher than the national average, saying 'The higher rates of infection we are still seeing in Bristol and South Gloucestershire alongside our own increasing infection rates mean it is likely we will find ourselves in one of the higher levels of alert after 2 December.


Update North Somerset Council has issued these contact details - June 2020

Please see this update from NSC:

We’ve put this update together to share with you the work that continues to support our residents and businesses in North Somerset and to bring to your attention other items of interest, both on a regional and national level.  Please share this update with anyone you think will be interested and encourage people to sign up to receive it by emailing

North Somerset Together has been set up to help residents who have no support from family or friends and who are socially isolated. They can access the support they need during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond by visiting or ringing 01934 427 437.

For the latest information and support available during the Covid 19 pandemic visit

For the latest news from North Somerset Council visit

Sign up to our North Somerset Life online edition at

For general council enquiries visit or call 01934 888 888.

For all business assistance and employee support please contact North Somerset Council’s Economy Team: Email - or Twitter @Innorthsomerset or (01934) 426 266


Important coronavirus update from the Parish Council - March 2020

Some of those living in our parish will feel alone during this time of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) whether this be due to self-isolation (precautionary or mandated) or because they fall into one of the increased risk categories. Those people may benefit from some friendly regular contact or need some simple help (outside that of a medical nature), and Wraxall & Failand Parish Council would like to help during this time.  We can organise to have someone check in regularly, either by phone, Skype, FaceTime or arrange some shopping to be delivered onto the doorstep (following the government guidelines). We have local volunteers from your Councillors, or from other local organisations and neighbours who can offer support and help organise some necessities from local suppliers through this period.

If you wish to volunteer to help or to register a request for support for yourself or a neighbour, please email the Parish Council Clerk using the button on the top left of this page.  Someone will phone to find out how we can help. This is a free service to help those living in the parish of Wraxall and Failand during this difficult and challenging time.

A grant for a specific purpose may be available for anyone living in Wraxall and Failand experiencing hardship and in need of financial support from Wraxall Parochial Charities; further details are on this link

There will be no Parish Council meetings until further notice.  The hope is that legislation will be passed shortly to allow Parish Councils to hold ‘virtual meetings’ over the internet.

New Planning Applications will continue to be reviewed but Councillors will not be conducting site visits with the applicant or neighbours.  Those wishing to comment on an application can use the facility on the North Somerset Council website using this link. If you to discuss an application with one with of our Councillors then please email our Clerk using the button on the top left of this page.

The maintenance of areas for which the Parish Council is responsible will continue for as long as possible, eg cutting of grass at selected junctions to maintain sightlines and upkeep of the Millennium Green, Wraxall. 

Please heed all advice regarding self isolation and social distancing.  Remember that your Parish Council is here is help you.


Online Support Offer From NSC - April 2020

The NSC Libraries Team have set up phone support for people with problems getting online, accessing digital info etc.  Please note – they don’t cover technical issues with computer equipment.  They state - We know that many residents are having difficulties getting to grips with online shopping, so they may find this useful.

Sessions can be arranged by contacting 01934 426834 or e-mail


Avon and Somerset Police on line reporting form - April 2020

There is now an online form for people to report concerns over breaches of the new legislation relating to COVID-19. The form can be found here


Message for Parishioners in the 'Shielded' Group - April 2020

The Government has urged the 1.5 million people in England considered to be most at risk from Covid 19 due to their health conditions to begin “shielding” themselves by staying at home.  The distribution of emergency food parcels to these people will be rolling out shortly.  The Parish Council wishes to ensure that everyone in the Parish who is entitled to a parcel receives it.  Everyone who is in this group of people is invited to email the Parish Clerk on, who will ensure that the details are passed on to the North Somerset Together team who can liaise and seek to address specific needs.  All information received will be treated in the strictest of confidence, only held for this specific purpose, and destroyed once the details have been passed on.  If you are aware of anyone who is in the ‘shielding’ group, and should have received a letter to this effect then please make them aware of this service.


Help for Farmers - March 2020

Fraser Salter from the North Somerset Council trading standards office has provided the following contact details to assist farmers who are unable to care for their livestock:

Trading Standards   01275 885211 / 07795092669

Farming Community Network general line  03000111999

Somerset Helpline 01934 712128

These organisations can offer advice and are able to put farmers in contact with neighbouring farms to assist. Volunteers are available to help on your farm.


Advice from the Police re Cyber Fraud during the coronavirus scare - March 2020

This message has been received from Kristian Evans, the Force Cyber Protection Officer.

Please find attached an information pack of three documents, containing advice about ransomware, phishing, working from home and online fraud. These are the most prevalent attacks that the UK police forces are seeing right now due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  The documents include a quick reference guide, an advice document and an advice presentation, which are meant to be read together side by side.  The written document can be read separately.  Threat actors are increasingly targeting individuals, businesses and organisations and using the pandemic as a manipulation tool to install malware and steal personal information. These documents will advise the reader of the current threats and how to create a stronghold for themselves while working from home or using the internet for personal reasons.

Quick Reference Guide       Advice document          Advice presentation