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Healthwatch North Somerset Survey                                                                     October 2014

Healthwatch North Somerset the independent consumer champion of health and social care in North Somerset, has launched a survey to find out what local people think about their GP practice.  Eileen Jacques, Chief Officer said:  “This survey will give local people the opportunity to have their say about their own experiences of local GP surgeries.  The results of the survey will highlight where there is good practice and where there is room for improvement”. 
You can complete the survey online at or you can request a paper copy from or phone 01275 851400.


Snow Wardens                                                                                                    October 2014
Want to help prepare your community for winter? Volunteer to become a snow warden and help keep local access routes clear when the weather gets tough. Perhaps there is a specific site that needs clearing such as your local school, village shop, doctors surgery?
Join forces with your neighbours to keep your community moving this winter - snow shovels and hi-vis provided for free!!
• To register your interest, please either call 01934 426322 or email with your name, contact information and preferred date(s) for attending the training session:

• 4th November W-s-M Town Hall 10-11.30am
• 12th November Clevedon, Castlewood 2 – 3:30pm
• 17th November W-s-M Town Hall 2 – 3:30pm
• 27th November Clevedon, Castlewood 10:30 – 12:00am
• 1st December – W-s-M Town Hall 10 – 11:30am
• 12th December – Clevedon, Castlewood 10 – 11.30am


Local Bus Services (updated)                                                                          August 2014
Timetables for local services shown below can be accessed by clicking here. 

X6 operated by First Bus between Bristol and Nailsea stop (along B3128) at Failand, Tyntesfield, Noah’s Ark Farm, Summerhouse and Towerhouse Woods on Stone Edge Batch.   There are currently no “Hail and Ride” services in Failand.

X8 operated by First Bus between Bristol, Nailsea and Portishead (not Clevedon which is anotther option), stop at Tyntesfield, Noah’s Ark Farm, Summerhouse and Towerhouse Woods on Stone Edge Batch but not Failand.

Bus services that stop in the village of Wraxall and along the B3130 are:

55 and X54 operated by Abus and registered as “Hail and Ride” along the whole route between Bristol and Nailsea.  The bus driver will only stop when and where it is safe to do so.
X9 and X10 operated by First Bus between Bristol and Nailsea

The TravelWest Bus Checker app provides real-time and scheduled information for journeys around Bristol, Bath and North Somerset.  For a free download visit the Apple Store, Google Play (Android) or the Windows store.  For those without a smartphone, there’s similar information with a map at:


Electoral Review of North Somerset – W&F Ward Boundaries stay the same!     July 2014
The Boundary Commission have just published their final recommendations, which can be viewed by clicking here.

This means that that Wraxall & Failand will continue to be represented by two District Councillors for North Somerset Council as part of the Long Ashton ward.  The proposal to split our parish between two wards and four councillors has been withdrawn.

Many thanks to those who took the time and trouble to write to the Boundary Commission to make the case for retaining the existing ward boundaries in our area.



 Annual Parish Meeting - 7.30 pm Tues 6th May, Cross Tree Centre, Wraxall

Would you like to find out what your Parish Council has been doing for the last year? 

Then, come along to the Cross Tree Centre in All Saints’ Churchyard, Wraxall.  It’s an opportunity to meet your Parish Councillors, raise any issues and put questions to them.  The Wraxall Parochial Charities will also be presenting their annual report.

Light refreshments will be available from 7pm – all are welcome.

Write to preserve local democracy!

Update Notes from Public Meetings held on 18 & 19 March can be downloaded here

Wraxall & Failand Parish Council's submission to the Boundary Commission can be downloaded here and the Annex here

Our parish is currently represented at North Somerset Council by two district councillors, Charles Cave and Bob Cook.  The Boundary Commission are seeking to change this.  The map below known as ‘Map B’ is the current proposal to split our parish between two wards and four councillors.  These councillors would have to attend eleven different Parish Council meetings to remain informed of local issues.  This is clearly a backward step for local democracy.

The Boundary Commission previously suggested ‘Map A’ shown below:

This map is very similar to our current representation and has the support of the Wraxall & Failand Parish Council.  The Boundary Commission do listen to the comments of local people.  If you wish to preserve your voice in our local Parish Council and appropriate representation at North Somerset Council we urge you to write to the Boundary Commission before 7th April, expressing your rejection of ‘Map B’ and support for ‘Map A’.

The address for comments is:

The Review Officer (North Somerset)
Local Government Boundary Commission for England
Layden House
76-86 Turnmill Street

Email :

To help we have drafted a sample letter in Microsoft Word format that can be downloaded here and relevant points for your considenration here.  Please be aware that the Boundary Commission lend much more credence to individual letters so we urge you to use the sample letter and points only as a guide and take the time to write your concerns in your own words.


Electoral Review of North Somerset - Divides our Parish updated Mar 2014       
Public Meetings 7.30 pm
Tues 18th March, Failand Village Hall
Wed 19th March, Cross Tree, Wraxall

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is responsible for reviewing local authority electoral arrangements, defining boundaries for local elections and the number of councillors to be elected.  It has opened a second phase of public consultation in its review of North Somerset District Council's ward boundaries. 

When we vote at the Local Authority elections for North Somerset District Councillors, we only vote for the Councillors who represent our ward.  Currently, the parish of Wraxall & Failand is in the 'Wraxall & Long Ashton' ward, represented by 2 North Somerset District Councillors.  Our two District Councillors serve our parish exceptionally well and provide excellent continuity by attending our parish council meetings.  Having listened to discussions, they are better informed and can support our concerns raised on issues of planning and development, highways and public rights of way at North Somerset Council.

The Commission review of North Somerset aims to deliver electoral equality for voters in local elections. North Somerset currently has relatively high levels of electoral inequality where some North Somerset District councillors represent significantly more, or fewer, voters than other members of the council.

North Somerset District Council currently has 61 councillors.  The Commission believes that a council size of 50 councillors will ensure the North Somerset Council can discharge its roles and responsibilities effectively.

One of the initial draft recommendations was that North Somerset’s 50 councillors should represent 20 single-councillor and 15 two-councillor wards across the district.  Abbots Leigh joined the 'Wraxall & Long Ashton' ward.

In our area the Commission is now recommending a pattern of 3 larger two-councillor wards.  These would be:

Gordano & Wraxall - comprising the parishes of Walton-in-Gordano, Weston-in-Gordano, Clapton-in-Gordano, Tickenham,  Backwell, Flax Bourton and Wraxall from Wraxall & Failand
Pill & Easton-in-Gordano - comprising the parishes of Pill & Easton-in-Gordano, Portbury, Abbots Leigh and Failand from Wraxall & Failand
Long Ashton - comprising the parishes of Long Ashton, Barrow Gurney, Dundry and Winford

This divides our parish between 2 wards.

This is contrary to Wraxall & Failand Parish Council’s submission in May 2013.

If the new recommendations were to be implemented, then Wraxall & Failand would no longer be with Long Ashton and we would lose the input of our current North Somerset Councillors who have much experience and affinity with our parish.  Instead 4 unfamilar Councillors from 2 wards could attend our meetings and would have to be briefed about all the issues affecting our parish.  This would significantly impair good local government in our parish.

In the Commission's first draft recommendations (Nov 2013) the parish of Pill & Easton-in-Gordano was divided.  Following a campaign, the new recommendations are that the parish of Pill & Easton-in-Gordano is no longer divided but our parish of Wraxall & Failand is now divided by the ward boundary.

We need to demonstrate to the Commission our concerns for the negative impact this will cause.

Our Parish Council meeting on 11 March will discuss the Commission’s new draft recommendations.

Local people have until 7 April to have their say on new proposals.  We urge you to write to, or email the Commission by 7 April - details can be found on their website :


‘Walk to School’ - proposed New Footpath
The Grove to Wraxall Primary School
    updated Mar 2014
Our current Parish Plan shows that residents would value a safe walking route from the Grove to the School and the Church.

After much research and discussion, and with co-operation and assistance from land owners, ramblers and North Somerset Council, agreement to a proposed route has been reached.

The route would run between the Grove and the School, giving a safe walking route between the Grove, the Village Club, the Church and the School (route marked in red on the map).

Before we can go ahead with this new footpath, we need to confirm that we have sufficient support from the residents of Wraxall village and others who use the local Public Rights of Way.

A Public meeting was held at Wraxall Village Club on Saturday 1st March at 10.30 am.  The meeeting was well attended.  The Parish Council will discussed this at their meeting on 11 March.


New Parish Councillor                                                                                        Feb 2014
Ian Malpas was co-opted as Parish Councillor for Wraxall & Failand on 11 February 2014.

Somerset Floods                                                                  Feb 2014
The pictures on our television screens every night of the homes and livelihoods of families and farmers being devastated by the flood water moved our Councillors to wish to recognise and support the suffering residents.  We also recognised how little, practically, we could really do.  So our Parish Council has decided that a donation to another Parish Council in the affected area for the relief fund, to be used as they deemed most appropriate, seemed the best way to show our support.


First Bus launches Fare Consultation in our area          February 2014
This consultation follows a similar major review of bus fares in and around Bristol last year, which led to significant changes being implemented with children and young people getting much bigger discounts on travel and the whole structure of fares in the city changed.
Under the banner ‘Fairer Fares for All’, people will be asked to fill in either hard copy or an online questionnaire regarding their use of buses, sharing their opinions regarding the fares charged. There’s also a roadshow in Somerset Square, Nailsea between 9 am and 1 pm on Thursday 27 February.
The results of the questionnaires will then be analysed by independent transport consultants before decisions regarding any subsequent changes are made.


Sixty Acres Close, Failand - Pot holes (updated 14 Jan)       January 2014
The worst of the repairs were undertaken on 13 Jan 2014, albeit only temporary, given the condition of the existing road surface. It is a priority 1 (the highest) for the new financial year to be resurfaced properly.

Walking for Health - volunteers needed!                                             January 2014
Walking for Health is helping people across North Somerset to get healthier and happier but we couldn't do this without all the amazing volunteers that make our health walks possible.

To provide a gentle way to improve fitness and to support those that need to exercise the most we are looking for more health walk volunteers. If you enjoy walking and you would like to encourage others to benefit from getting out in the fresh air then please get in touch.

The next health walk leaders training day is on Wednesday 12th February from 10am - 3pm at Somerset Hall in Portishead.  Contact the Sports & Active Lifestyles team on 01275 882731 or email: for more information.

Vacancy for a Parish Councillor                                                                        January 2014
A vacancy has arisen for the post of Parish Councillor for Wraxall & Failand.  The post will be filled by co-option (elected by the Parish Council) after a short interview.   Anyone interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should email the Clerk with a brief CV by 31 January 2014.  Interviews will be held in February.

A guide produced by the National Association of Local Councils gives you a brief insight into parish councils, as well as providing specific advice and information on how to become a parish councillor.


Coppicing Opportunity, Ashton Hill Woods 10 am Sat 18 Jan & 15 Feb  January 2014
The Forestry Commission are facilitating this opportunity organised by Ashton Hill Wildlife and Conservation Group from 10 am to 3 pm.  The woodland is just outside our parish on the SW corner of the Failand triangle.  It’s an opportunity to try your hand at this centuries old woodland management technique, promote biodiversity and help protect the habitat for dormice.

If interested, then bring warm and wet-weather clothes, lunch, hand tools (if you have them loppers, bill hooks, pruning saws and work gloves) and enthusiasm!


Hail & Ride Bus Services                                                        January 2014
In Wraxall, services 55 and X54 operated by Abus, are registered as “Hail and Ride” along the whole route.  The bus driver will only stop when and where it is safe to do so. There are currently no “Hail and Ride” services in Failand.