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About the Council

The Parish Council is made of 11 elected members who represent the views of local people in the parish of Wraxall & Failand.

Councillors give their time and expertise freely to consider planning applications and the day to day issues as they arise, they get involved in specific projects, and they act as advocates on community matters.

The Parish Council has the legal power to take action but currently has few duties and thus has greater freedom to choose what action to take. It can play a vital part in representing the interests of the community and improving the quality of life and local environment. It can influence other decision makers and can, in many cases, deliver services to meet local needs. The Government is encouraging parish councils to deliver more services and play a greater part in their communities.

Tasks which the Parish Council undertake include providing a local view on crime, community safety, planning applications, highways and transportation, housing, street lighting, litter, playing fields, memorials, seats and shelters and public rights of way.

The Parish Council raises money by the Precept and spends it on a range of good works and staff salaries. It meets monthly in public session.

A secular Parish Council was established 1894 when the first councillors were elected. Previously the Parish Council had been controlled by the landowners and the church.

Meetings are held usually on the second Tuesday of the month, either in Failand Village Hall or the Cross Tree Centre, Wraxall. The public are welcome to attend.

Any matter may be brought to the attention of the Parish Council not less than 3 days before the Meeting. Any notice of motion however must be received in writing by the Clerk not less than 3 days before a Meeting.

The Annual Parish Meeting is usually held in May

Notice Boards display Councillors’ contact details, Agendas of meetings, and any public notices from North Somerset Council and are situated at:

• Failand - Church and Post Office;
• Wraxall village - bottom of Wraxall Hill and Bus Shelter at top of The Grove;
• The Elms, Wraxall - Green Pastures Road by the duck pond and Childrens’ play area, Yeo Valley Way.