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Contact the Parish Council

Any matter may be brought to the attention of the Parish Council not less than 3 days before the Meeting.  Any notice of motion however must be received in writing by the Clerk not less than 3 days before a Meeting.

You can contact the Clerk by email.

When you click on the link above, the default email application on the machine you are currently using will start. A new message window will open and the email address of the Clerk will be automatically filled in for you.  Please check that this is the email application is the one you normally use.  If you normally use a browser based email application such as Gmail or Windows Live Mail you will have to log into your mail account and create a new message.

Unfortunately we cannot post the email address on this website as there are malicious programs that automatically crawl the internet looking for valid email addresses.  Once they identify a valid mail address it becomes subject to attack.

If you wish to contact the Clerk by post or a local Councillor, names and contact details are displayed on Parish Council Notice Boards, situated at:

Failand - Church and Post Office;
Wraxall village - bottom of Wraxall Hill and Bus Shelter at top of The Grove;
The Elms, Wraxall - Green Pastures Road by the duck pond and Childrens’ play area, Yeo Valley Way.

Notice Boards display Agendas for the monthly meetings, also any public notices from North Somerset Council.