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Helping Residents of Wraxall & Failand

in times of Hardship and Need

About the Charities

Our charitable aims and objectives are to provide assistance for the purpose of the relief of poverty to individuals residing in the parish of Wraxall & Failand who are in in need. 

The charities began in 1635 when a bequest to the poor of Wraxall by the Marchioness of Northampton was used to purchase land, the rent from which was to be distributed amongst the poor as the churchwardens thought fit. Over the years other bequests were made for benefit of the poor of the parish.  In 1962 these charities were combined and are now administered together by independant trustees.

Can I apply for a grant?

We may be able to help you with a grant for a specific purpose if you live in Wraxall or Failand, are suffering hardship and are in need of financial support please take a look atr the Wraxall Charities website for further information.  The Wraxall Charities website can be accessed here