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Welcome to the Wraxall & Failand Parish Council.  This website has been designed to keep you informed about what’s going on in your parish and the work of the council.

If you would like to know when minutes are published or changes are made to this site, simply enter your name and email address in the box on the left of this page and we will keep you up to date by sending you an email.

For all Coronavirus Related Information please click on this link


Online briefing from new super fast wireless broadband provider - May 2020

Voneus Ltd. is a super fast wireless broadband provider who are coming to the Wraxall area shortly.  There is the possibility that they will extend their area to include Failand as well.  The Parish Council has previously afforded new super fast broadband suppliers the opportunity to brief councillors and parishioners at our meetings, and therefore we will be hosting an online briefing session on behalf of Voneus at 7pm on Thursday 4th June.  The briefing will be held on zoom, and will last for about thirty minutes.  There will then be a question and answer session. For details on joining the briefing click here


Free Desktop Computer! - May 2020

The Parish Council has a desktop computer which is surplus to it's requirements.  It works perfectly well and has Office 2010 installed.  The computer comes with a screen, keyboard and mouse.  The Councillors would like to give the computer to an individual or organisation in the parish who would value it.  Can any interested person please email the Parish Clerk on giving a short explanation why they would like to have the computer.  The closing date for applications will be 31st May 2020.


Additional Road Closure Wraxall Hill - May 2020

The Parish Council has been notified of another road closure on Wraxall Hill.  In addition to the previously notified closure for one day (anticipated to be on 27th May) there will be a further closure for five days, with an estimated starting date of 1st June.  The new road closure notice can be found here.

Terry Bridgwood, an assistant highways engineer at NSC, has written this letter to residents explaining the closure in more detail and including a diversion map.

Pedestrians will still be able to walk on the hill pavements, allowing continued access to the churchyard.


First ever virtual Parish Council meeting - May 2020

The Parish Council will be meeting online for the first time on Tuesday 19th May at 7.30pm.  All members of the public are invited to log in and watch the meeting.  If any member of the public would like to speak on any agenda item then must inform the Clerk by noon Friday 15th May.  Two planning applications will be debated, along with some administration matters. Full details of how to log in to the meeting can be found on the agenda, which can be found here.


Road Closure Notice - Belmont Hill April 2020

Belmont Hill will be closed on 14 May 2020 to carry out gully emptying and ancillary works. The closure is anticpated to be between 09:00 and 15:30.  The road closure notice can be found here.


FURTHER CHANGE OF DATE.  Road Closure Notices - Sandy Lane, Lower Failand April 2020

North Somerset's contractor has had to amend date of the carriageway patching date to 27 May rather than 29 May.  The closure dates will now be as follows:

18 May 2020 for five days between 08:00 and 17:00 and 27 May 2020 for one day between 08:00 and 17:00.  The road closure notices can be found here and here


Wraxall Hill Road Closure Notice April 2020

Wraxall Hill wil be closed for one day to enable tree cutting work to take place.  This order commences on 27th May, although the actual date when the closure will take place has not yet been notified.  The road closure notice can be found here


Hinckley Connection Project update April 2020

The HCP team invites you to visit their website, which contains a FAQ section.  The work on Whitehouse Lane is still scheduled to commence on 14th April 2020.


CHANGE OF DATE.  Road Closure Notice - Sandy Lane, Lower Failand March 2020

Sandy Lane will now be closed for five days between 0800 - 1700 commencing 30th March 2020.  The amended road closure notice can be found here


Gigaclear work in Wraxall THIS SUNDAY March 2020

The Parish Council has received this message from Gigaclear:

We will be repairing our duct on Bristol Road this coming Sunday night, (15th March 2020). The work won’t start until after the last bus of the night passes through the village, (shortly after 11:00PM). We will have a road closure in operation using the same diversion route as the last time we closed Bristol Road, (Tickenham Hill, B3129 etc.). The road will be fully open again before the commuter traffic starts on Monday morning i.e. 06:00AM. I have been assured the work will go ahead this weekend.


Gigaclear work in Wraxall postponed again February 2020

Gigaclear have informed the Parish Council that their work in Wraxall, previously rearranged for 1st March, has been put off again.  There is no re-schedule date as yet.


Great Weston Cycle Ride February 2020

This event will be taking place on Sunday 19th July 2020. It does not pass through the Parish but goes close by.  For further details please click here


Rewilding at Elms green space February 2020

Following a consultation on rewilding to which only 24 residents of Long Ashton Ward responded, NSC intends to start the first phase of rewilding in the Elms green space at 9 am on Tuesday 25 February adjacent to the western hedge of the eastern area as shown within the red circle on the map in this link.

The planting of over 300 young trees and shrubs including: 20 Beech, 20 Common oak, 33 Dog rose, 93 Field maple, 93 Hawthorn, 33 Hazel and 20 Yew.

The Parish Council is supportive of rewilding in principle, but recognises the importance of this green space as an amenity area for recreation for residents of this parish and Nailsea.  It is intended that rewilding of the Elms green space will be a topic for discussion at the Annual Parish Meeting, which will be held in the Cross Tree Centre on Tuesday 26th May 2020.


Hinckley Connection Project - Traffic lights and road closures between Nailsea and Portishead February 2020

Following last week's public consultation, the HCP team has provided a road closure update which can be found here


Gigaclear roadworks postponed until Sunday 1st March  February 2020

Gigaclear have informed the Parish Council that this work will be postponed until 1st March.  All previous arrangements still apply (see the below entry).


NSC Parking Proposals Consultation  February 2020

This consultation runs until 31st March 2020.  It includes car parking in Nailsea and Leigh Woods.  All members of the public are encouraged to take part.  The majority of questions are based on the presumption that parking controls are necessary now and that a bus service is a viable option, which it is not for residents in Failand and some of the rural areas of our parish who wish to travel to Nailsea or their place of work.  It is recommended that the free text box for any other comments at the end of the first section is used to express your views."

For further details visit use this website link.


Climate Change Workshops February 2020

The Avon Local Council's Association is holding climate emergency action days on Saturday 18 April 2020 in Almondsbury and Monday 20 April 2020 in Pensford, both from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm.  A maximum of five places are available for each Parish Council in the ALCA area. Members of the public may attend, but places are limited and cost £15 each.  This will include a sandwich buffet lunch.  Places cannot be guaranteed, but if anyone is interested in attending then please email the Parish Clerk as soon as possible on


Gigaclear roadworks on the B3130 in Wraxall - Sunday 23rd February February 2020

Gigaclear will be carrying out roadworks in the village on 23rd February.  The contractor carrying out the work will commence at 9 am.  Bus services will not be interrupted.  Full details of the traffic arrangements can be found here


Bristol Airport Planning Application Turned Down February 2020

Following an extended debate on 10th February, the NSC Councillors voted to reject the planning application by 18 votes to 7.  One Councillor abstained in the vote.  It is now anticipated that the airport will appeal against the decision.


Starry Skies Initiative - Free Event February 2020

The Starry Skies initiative is being run in the Avonside area between February and July 2020. These free events will provide opportunities for local groups, families, and young people – including those from urban areas - to engage with the night sky through a series of stargazing sessions across Avonside including North Somerset.  Each event will include a combination of talks, workshops, space-themed activities and star gazing sessions with the aim of connecting people with the countryside as well as highlighting the effect of light pollution on our view of the night sky, and its harmful impact on our own health, on the countryside and to wildlife.

The first event will be on Thursday 27th February (in the evening!) at Hutton Village Hall (North Somerset).  A press release can be found here


Failand VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations February 2020

These celebrations are being organised by Cllr Mrs Gillian Moon, on behalf of the Parish Council.  Volunteers are sought, both adults and children,  For further details of the event please click here


Failand Volunteer Drivers Hospital Transport Service January 2020

Full details of this service can be found here


Avon Coroners Court are recruiting volunteers  January 2020

For further details please see this poster.


North Somerset Council - public consultations on the draft corporate plan and the 2020-21 budget.  January 2020

Comments can be made on these consultations using the below links:


North Somerset Council - Call for ‘Green Homes’ December 2019

NSC Councillor Karin Haverson has asked for the below request to be publicised:

Are you the proud occupant of a home with ‘green’ credentials, a home which is exceptionally well insulated, or has a living roof, a ground or air source heat pump or anything else you consider contributes to its energy efficiency? Do you generate your own electricity with solar panels or a wind turbine? Maybe you even live in a Passive Home or drive an electric car? Are you keen to spread the word about the benefits of such technology and prepared to open your doors to your fellow citizens?

We are planning to hold a ‘Green Open Homes’ event on the weekend of the 13th and 14th of June 2020 and are looking for active participants to open their homes. And of course we will need lots of visitors! The event will be for the whole of North Somerset, but if we have enough interest, we may subdivide it into more local sections. 

If interested, please contact




Amended Bus Servive Timetable 2020 - X8 and X9 routes  December 2019

Please note the amended bus timetable which commences on 5th January 2020.


North Somerset Council rewilding programme December 2019

Following Council motion COU50 (23 July 2019 Full Council) NSC Officers have been identifying as many parks, open spaces and verges as possible that they currently carry out amenity grass cutting to rewild.  An ambitious target of 25% reduction in amenity grass areas has been identified to alter to either tall grass management or tree planting. The proposed sites are now out to public consultation, please follow this link  to the NSC web page which will; give more information around rewilding, provide a link to the NSC electronic map and provide the link to the eConsult page. If you have access to NSC Earthlight it is also possible to load the geoset Rewilding. The NSC Natural Environment Team will be contacting town and parish councils soon to set up meetings to discuss the proposals within their areas,

The only area in Wraxall and Failand Parish currently being considered for rewilding is in The Elms, Wraxall.

NSC will be looking for volunteers to help with the rewilding proposals including tree planting and monitoring, if anyone is interested please email NSC at

Parishioners are encouraged to respond to the public consultation.  Points that may be considered are:

  1. Community orchards may be preferable to native woodland.
  2. A wild flower meadow may be preferable to tall grass which wouldl make it easier for recreational use and the exercising of dogs in the eastern area of the amenity space. 
  3. Another issue to consider is that the tree planting may obscure the view on the northern boundary of the green space.


Strawberry gardens - A new extra-care housing development being built in Yatton November 2019

Further information from North Somerset Council regarding this new development can be found here.


Update from the Parish Council Airport Association regarding the Bristol Airport expansion planning application November 2019

The Parish Council has received an extensive update from the PCAA, with a number of documents of interest.  These can be viewed here:

PCAA latest response to planning application

Update for Parishes November 2019

Letter from PCAA to Ontario Teacher's Pension board members (the airport's owners)

Response from Ontario Teacher's Pension board members

Aviation moratorium press release

Condition letter from PCAA to NSC

The is also a photo copy of a letter from Dave Lees the CEO for Bristol Airport to the PCAA.  It can be viewed here, but the quality of the letter is very poor.

NSC has postponed their decision on the airport expansion planning application until after the General Election.


Proposed road safety measures at junction of B3128 and Wraxall Hill November 2019

NSC Highways are considering measures to improve safety at the top of Wraxall Hill with the junction with the B3128.  They have this on their works programme for 2020-21. The scheme will incorporate the cutting back of the vegetation on the visibility splays and the installation of anti-skid surfaces both on the approaches and also for vehicles pulling out.  The new surface will improve traction between vehicles and the road surface and as such will assist vehicles slowing on the approach to the junction but also assist vehicle pulling out to get greater traction.  NSC Highways state that they have considered redesigning the junction however such a proposal would likely to be cost prohibitive as it would require considerable land take and carriageway construction.  The Parish Council has suggested that the current 40 mph speed limit on the B3128 be extended to include this junction


Joint Spatial Plan update  September 2019

The Planning Inspectors’ second letter regarding the JSP has been received and is now available to view here


Notice of Conclusion of External Audit  August 2019

The Parish Council's external auditors PKF Littlejohn PLC have completed their audit for 2019 which can be viewed here.  Copies can be purchased from the Clerk for a fee of £10.


New report challenges claims made by Bristol Airport for expansion  August 2019

Details of a new report by an independent think tank commissioned by CPRE can be found on this link


West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) Rejected!    August 2019

The Inspectors conducting the examination of the JSP continue to have significant concerns about the soundness of the plan.  You can read more in our section dedicated to the JSP, here.


Joint Spatial Plan submissions affecting our parish        June 2019

The four West of England Councils – Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol City, North Somerset, and South Gloucestershire are working together to produce a West of England Joint Spatial Plan (JSP). The Plan sets out the policies and principles for determining the most appropriate and sustainable locations for future development to meet our housing, employment and transport needs for the next 20 years, to 2036.

This Plan will sit above and guide each councils' own Local Plans. The Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) was submitted to the Secretary of State on the 13th April 2018 and on this date the JSP entered the ‘examination stage.’

JSP Examination Hearing Sessions will commence on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 in Bath.

Wraxall & Failand Parish Council have been following the development of the JSP since the start of the process in 2016 and has made a number of representations to the consultations.  You can find our submissions on this website.

A number of developers have submitted documents to the JSP Examination.  There are two areas within our parish that are affected.  Land to the North of Nailsea and Failand.

We have placed the relevant documents on our website you can download them 'here'.

We should point out that at this stage these are very speculative proposals, however it is important even at this early stage  that local opinion is represented.  If you have a comment on either of the plans, please email Tony Jay our clerk.  We will consolidate and ensure the comments are represented at the hearing.

We have created a new section on this website to keep you updated on the development and examination of the Joint Spatial plan.  You can find this under the 'community' section.


Internal Audit Completed June 2019

The Parish Council's internal audit for 2018-19 has been completed.  The Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) can be found here

Parishioners are entitled to examine the Parish Council's accounts for 2018-19 if they wish.  The procedure for doing this, and timescales, can be found here


Bristol Airport Expansion Plan March 2019

Please visit this website, which offers information about the Bristol Airport expansion plan, and how to comment about it.

Also this Facebook link:


Wraxall and Failand Parish Council Response to The West of England Joint Spatial Plan 2036 (JSP) - Technical Evidence Consultation, November 2018 January 2019

The Parish Council's response has been submitted, and can be viewed here.


Bristol Airport Planning Application December 2018

The Bristol Airport planning application for growth up to 12 million passengers per year has now been published. Wraxall and Failand Parish Council are members of the Parish Council Airport Association which comprises of Parishes affected by the airport in North Somerset and beyond.  The PCAA is firmly against the application for a host of reasons including traffic gridlock and major noise and environmental problems.  The Parish Council, and the PCAA request that every resident to object to this application.  The PCAA has provided guideness upon how to comment here

The PCAA have prepared a You Tube video showing their views on the effects of airport expansion


Wraxall & Failand Parish Council Response to North Somerset Council’s Local Plan 2036 Issue and Options Document December 2018

The Parish Council's response can be found here


Joint Spatial Plan - Technical Evidence Work Consultation November 2018

NSC are inviting comments on the Joint Spatial Plan – Technical Evidence Work Consultation before 7th January 2019.  Members of the public are encouraged to respond themselves.  The Parish Council's response will be posted on this website when formulated. Further information on how to respond can be found here


Joint Spatial Plan - Transport update to Parish Councillors November 2018

Paish Councillors received a transport briefing regarding the Joint Spatial Plan at their recent meeting.  The PowerPoint presentation can be found here


Response to the Bristol Airport Development Proposals  July 2018

The Parish Council's response to the Airport Development Proposals can be found here


Gigaclear Fibre Broadband                                                         July 2018

Gigaclear have provided us with this map of the rollout within our parish.  If you would like more details of when the works will be taking place in your street, you can use the following link “”, zoom in on your area and in the box at the top right corner of the screen selecting works within the next year.

We have met with the overall project manager for our parish, Dan Longworthy-Smith.  If you have questions about the route Gigaclear are taking, you are welcome to email Dan at “".  Dan spends much of his time on the road and in meetings so if you would like to talk to Gigaclear about any aspect of the rollout in our area, please call Lauren Goddard on 01865 591153.  Lauren is based in Gigaclear HQ and has electronic access to all of the route maps for our parish.

You can find out more about about the technology Gigaclear are installing here.


Broadband Connection - Gigaclear May 2018

The government have provided funds to improve rural broadband.  In North Somerset this cash has been given to an organisation called ‘Connecting Devon and Somerset’ (, they in turn have awarded the contract to install the network in our area to Gigaclear.  They will be building the network in Wraxall & Failand this summer.

You can find a little more information on the Gigaclear website "”.

You can also see the work in Wraxall & Failand by taking a look at this link "”, zooming in on your area and in the box at the top right corner of the screen selecting works within the next year.

The installation of a new fibre network within the parish is positive news, however Gigaclear have been very poor in communicating their plans.  We have been contacted by a number of home owners that have been sent way-leaves agreements, contracts allowing Gigaclear to install and maintain equipment on their land.  These are legal agreements and the home owners contacting the council have been unsure how to proceed.  The Parish Council would recommend that you do not sign any paperwork until you have had legal advice.  Most home insurance policies come with a legal helpline, check your policy and give them a call.

The Parish Council will contact Gigaclear to see if they will provide more information on the proposed routes the network will take and an understanding of the overall project plan


Joint Spatial Plan - Wraxall and Failand Parish Council's comments January 2018

Wraxall and Failand Parish Council has submitted it's comments regarding the Joint Spatial Plan.  These comments will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 9th January, and can be viewed here.


Joint Spatial Plan – Public Meeting 15 December  December 2017

The Joint Spatial Plan (JSP) is the development strategy for the West of England to 2036, encompassing North Somerset, Bath and North-East Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucestershire. It’s been published for public consultation and is available to view and comment on this link:

There is no development proposed in our parish or any changes to the Green Belt. However, there are major proposals for Nailsea that include 2,575 new homes in an urban extension to the south west of the town by 2036 and a further 725 homes beyond then.

Nailsea Town Council has rejected this proposal and requested a Green Belt review; they have also suggested that the land to north and east of Nailsea (in our parish) be used for development and a link road. W&F PC’s view on development in this part of our parish is outlined in the November 2016 notice below.

There is a public meeting to discuss the JSP in the Scotch Horn Leisure Centre at 7.45 pm on Friday 15 December, which has been organised by James Tonkin, the District Councillor for Nailsea West End ward. Residents may wish to attend.

All residents are urged to consider responding to the consultation, and express their views. The consultation period runs until 10 January 2018.All residents are urged to consider responding to the consultation, and expressing their views. W&F PC’s response to the consultation will be submitted on 8 January 2018 and will be noted at the Parish Council meeting on 9 January.

A copy will be  published on this website.


Nailsea Community Trust                                                                   October 2017

Nailsea Community Trust provides support to individuals where a financial contribution can remove obstacles to achieving worthwhile goals or obtaining important items which are otherwise just out of reach. This service is available to residents of Wraxall but not Failand. For more information click here


Information About Non-Urgent Rural Crime                               March 2017

The Police now has a dedicated text-line for non-urgent information relating to rural crime.  This is 07492-888109.  Members of the public are encouraged to use this number to provide information: for example, about people or vehicles behaving suspiciously in the rural community, and potential stolen goods.  It should not be used to report crime or to call for urgent police assistance.  It is not monitored 24/7.  Alternatively, crime can be reported on the Avon and Somerset Police website.  Or, for a crime that requires immediate police attendance, dial 999.  Information can also be passed on anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800-555111.