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Welcome to the Wraxall & Failand Parish Council.  This website has been designed to keep you informed about what’s going on in your parish and the work of the council.

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For all Coronavirus Related Information please click on this link

Bristol Airport - Appeal against planning decision August 2020

Bristol Airport have decided to appeal against the NSC decision to turn down their planning application.  Further information can be found here


UPDATE: Road Closure - Whitehouse Lane for two weeks now from 19 August 2020 July 2020

This road closure has been deferred from 4 August 2020 to 19 August 2020.

The Hinkley Connect Project (HCP) team had hoped to complete the cable ducting in Whitehouse Lane without needing to close the road. Since then, they have reviewed the technical design and identified that they need to dig deeper trenches across Whitehouse Lane than originally proposed.

Due to the narrowness of the road and depth of the cable trenches, for the safety of everyone, it has been agreed with the local highway authority of North Somerset Council to close a section of Whitehouse Lane for approximately two weeks from Wednesday 19 August (deferred from Tuesday 4 August; and not from 19 September as advised in error).  The road will be re-opened as soon as possible, but the closure will be total for the duration of the closure.

All local residents have been written to.

The HCP website is up to date with this information:

Please contact the HCP community relations team on 0800 377 7347 with any questions.


Notification from NSC regarding a large group of travellers in Portbury.  July 2020

Please see this notification from NSC, received at 1140 0n 21st July 2020. Please contact Spencer Jacobs directly for any further information.

There are currently a large group of travellers (32 caravans) camping upon private land next to Gordano Rugby club in Portbury. The land owner is currently in contact with his NFU insurance company to establish if his policy will cover the removal costs. It is imagined that when the travellers are removed, possibly sometime this week they will seek an alternative location/s. In light of this it would be wise to ensure that any land you may have responsibility for is secure and security is reviewed to try to prevent Unauthorised Encampments. Please feel free to share this information with any person whom you know has control of land within this area, such as private landowners.

Spencer Jacobs 


Tel: 01934 426415


Road Closure Notice - Sandy Lane, Lower Failand.  3rd August 2020 for a period of up to five days. July 2020

North Somerset Council anticipates that Sandy Lane will be shut between 08:00 and 17:00 for the majority of the period of the closure. When a new drainage pipe is installed it will be necessary to close the road for a 24 hour period to ensure that the concrete is given enough time to cure.  The road closure notice can be found here.


Road Closure - Belmont Hill, Wraxall. 17th August 2020 for four days July 2020

The road closure is required because of carriageway retexturing works and will become operative on the 17th August, and is anticipated to be of 4 days in duration between the hours of 08:00 – 16:00.  The road will be closed from the junction with Flax Bourton Road for its full length to the junction of Clevedon Road. The alternative route is Weston Road (B3129), Clevedon Road (B3128), Clarken Coombe (B3128), Ashton Road (B3128), North Slip Road (B3128), South Slip Road (B3128), Long Ashton Bypass (A370), Barrow Street (B3130), Clevedon Road (B3130) and vice versa.  The road closure notice can be found here.


Hinkley Connection Project update - Temporary traffic lights on Whitehouse Lane from Monday 6 July 2020 July 2020

An  update from the Hinckley Connection Project can be found here


Mobile Library Service Resumes July 2020

The mobile library in North Somerset will be offering a limited non-contact “Click and collect” service from Monday 6 July. For further details please click here


Reopening of the Millennium Green play area July 2020

The Millennium Green playground will be reopening on Saturday 4th July, in accordance with Government guidelines.  The Parish Council has carried out a risk assessment, and consequently the following rules and guidelines will be in place.

  1. The playground equipment is not being cleaned to combat the spread of Covid 19.
  2. Please sanitise your hands before and after using the equipment.
  3. Follow the current government guidelines on the wearing of face coverings, and social distancing.
  4. Coronavirus can survive on plastic and metal surfaces for three days or longer.
  5. No food or drink is permitted in the play area.
  6. Use the play equipment at your own risk.

The Government guideline regarding no food or drink is to help to prevent people touching their faces after using the equipment.

Please observe these rules and enjoy the facility from 4th July onwards.


Notification of speed limit changes  June 2020

As part of the National Grid Hinkley Point C Connection Project, J.Murphy & Sons Ltd have been commissioned by National Grid to carry out the Stage 4 works to install a 10km double circuit, three phase, underground, 132kV High Voltage Cable System and fibre optic cable.  For construction purposes and to alleviate traffic volumes on the local highway network, a temporary haul road will be installed along the route, where it meets the public highway bellmouth arrangements are to be installed.  These bellmouths are programmed to be in use for approximately 4 years.

Please find attached copies of the following: -

•       Notice of Intent

•       Draft Order

•       Statement of Reasons

•       Plans indicating the extents of the speed limit changes

For any further information then please contact

Colin Chandler
Lead Engineer
Corporate Services
North Somerset Council

Tel:  01934 426236 or 07776 170282E-Mail:
Post:  Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ


Road Closure - Wraxall Hill 27 July - June 2020

The Parish Council has received this notification from NSC

Please be advised that the drainage works that were due to start on 01 June have been rescheduled to start on 27 July. The road will be a hard closure for the duration of the works. Pedestrian access will be maintained through the site. The car park will need to be closed in order to carry out our works safely. Would anyone requiring access to the car park please make alternative arrangements.

The road closure notice can be found here


Public Information announcement from Avon and Somerset Police regarding Sextortion crime - June 2020

Avon and Somerset Police have asked Parish Councils to circulate this bulletin


Failand Volunteer Drivers Hospital Transport Service January 2020

Full details of this service can be found here


Update from the Parish Council Airport Association regarding the Bristol Airport expansion planning application November 2019

The Parish Council has received an extensive update from the PCAA, with a number of documents of interest.  These can be viewed here:

PCAA latest response to planning application

Update for Parishes November 2019

Letter from PCAA to Ontario Teacher's Pension board members (the airport's owners)

Response from Ontario Teacher's Pension board members

Aviation moratorium press release

Condition letter from PCAA to NSC

The is also a photo copy of a letter from Dave Lees the CEO for Bristol Airport to the PCAA.  It can be viewed here, but the quality of the letter is very poor.

NSC has postponed their decision on the airport expansion planning application until after the General Election.


Proposed road safety measures at junction of B3128 and Wraxall Hill November 2019

NSC Highways are considering measures to improve safety at the top of Wraxall Hill with the junction with the B3128.  They have this on their works programme for 2020-21. The scheme will incorporate the cutting back of the vegetation on the visibility splays and the installation of anti-skid surfaces both on the approaches and also for vehicles pulling out.  The new surface will improve traction between vehicles and the road surface and as such will assist vehicles slowing on the approach to the junction but also assist vehicle pulling out to get greater traction.  NSC Highways state that they have considered redesigning the junction however such a proposal would likely to be cost prohibitive as it would require considerable land take and carriageway construction.  The Parish Council has suggested that the current 40 mph speed limit on the B3128 be extended to include this junction


New report challenges claims made by Bristol Airport for expansion  August 2019

Details of a new report by an independent think tank commissioned by CPRE can be found on this link


Bristol Airport Expansion Plan March 2019

Please visit this website, which offers information about the Bristol Airport expansion plan, and how to comment about it.

Also this Facebook link:


Bristol Airport Planning Application December 2018

The Bristol Airport planning application for growth up to 12 million passengers per year has now been published. Wraxall and Failand Parish Council are members of the Parish Council Airport Association which comprises of Parishes affected by the airport in North Somerset and beyond.  The PCAA is firmly against the application for a host of reasons including traffic gridlock and major noise and environmental problems.  The Parish Council, and the PCAA request that every resident to object to this application.  The PCAA has provided guideness upon how to comment here

The PCAA have prepared a You Tube video showing their views on the effects of airport expansion


Response to the Bristol Airport Development Proposals  July 2018

The Parish Council's response to the Airport Development Proposals can be found here


Nailsea Community Trust                                                                   October 2017

Nailsea Community Trust provides support to individuals where a financial contribution can remove obstacles to achieving worthwhile goals or obtaining important items which are otherwise just out of reach. This service is available to residents of Wraxall but not Failand. For more information click here


Information About Non-Urgent Rural Crime                               March 2017

The Police now has a dedicated text-line for non-urgent information relating to rural crime.  This is 07492-888109.  Members of the public are encouraged to use this number to provide information: for example, about people or vehicles behaving suspiciously in the rural community, and potential stolen goods.  It should not be used to report crime or to call for urgent police assistance.  It is not monitored 24/7.  Alternatively, crime can be reported on the Avon and Somerset Police website.  Or, for a crime that requires immediate police attendance, dial 999.  Information can also be passed on anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800-555111.